Ambassador Vrooman Announces New Medical Supplies Assistance in Kinyarwanda

Ambassador Vrooman Makes a Kinyarwanda Announcement:
United States Donates Medical Supplies Worth 131 Million RWF to Fight COVID-19

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“Today the United States is donating 131 million RWF worth of protective medical supplies to healthcare facilities across Rwanda. These supplies are critical for Rwanda’s frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ll be used to treat patients who may have contracted COVID-19, and to safely continue other routine and emergency healthcare services at this time. So what are these new equipment? We’re providing sanitary gloves, protective boots, surgical masks, and special masks called ‘N95’ respirators, which filter virus particles out from the air. We’re working hand in hand with the Government of Rwanda and the Ministry of Health to ensure that this new equipment is quickly deployed to over 300 healthcare facilities across the country. Today’s donation builds upon over 8 billion RWF we’ve already invested toward fighting COVID19 in Rwanda. This includes donations of healthcare equipment like hospital beds, soap and ventilators, as well as activities like the construction of hand washing stations. As your strongest partner in public health, it is our duty to provide the best support we can, and make it through these difficult times together. After all, Ubuzima bwanyu, n’ubuzima bwacu. Na ubuzima bwacu n’ubuzima bwanyu. (Your health is our health. And our health is your health.) Murakoze cyane.”

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