American Center English Learning Opportunities

Participants in the English learning programs

The American Center offers facilities and materials to learn English daily.  The American Center English laboratory allows patrons to learn English using English Language CDs, DVDs, and related books.  The use of this language lab increases every day.  Our English Lab is also equipped with computer workstations with interactive software.

The American Center has an English club made of people who want to improve their English language abilities (listening, writing, speaking, and reading).  The group has regular discussions and learning programs and meet both virtually and in person.

With the help of the English Teaching Assistants, the center has increased the number of regular English programs to help our audience practice English.  We are currently offering:

  • English Music Club:  This English learning program explores music while teaching the four language skills: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.  Learning English through songs has proved to be a great way to learn new vocabulary and practice the language skills.
  • English Comprehension through Drama:  The Drama club explores the English language through reading scripts by American playwrights.  Through drama, the audience can learn a different style of English writing which often uses more liberal grammatical and linguistic methods than novels or other, more formal, writings.  They also discover differences American dialects and use of language.  And by acting out the roles, they expand their English comprehension and reading abilities.
  • ABCs of Black American History:  This program guides participants in practicing the four main English language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking through sharing about important events and figures in Black American History from colonial days to present times.  The program uses books, videos, music, and other forms of media to help participants engage in effective English language learning and practice.

In addition to these learning opportunities, the center offers a great collection of English learning books people can borrow as needed.