Peace Corps job announcement: Back up Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO)

Peace Corps in Rwanda is seeking an enthusiastic individual who is a team player and self-starter with moral integrity to fill the position of Back up Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO).
Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) are the primary care providers for Peace Corps Volunteers. The back-up PCMO shall provide direct patient care, referrals to outside medical consultants or facilities, i.e. hospital or emergency department, depending on the specific in-country arrangements, and assist with administrative duties and health education when indicated. The back-up provider will also function as a PCMO and perform any or all of the PCMO duties. The back-up PCMO shall be available around-the-clock by telephone or be present in the Medical Office. The back-up PCMO may be used to provide assistance to the PCMO when needed or to provide continuing medical coverage at post during the absence of the PCMO on occasions such as when the PCMO is on leave, conducting in-country site visits or on official business.. He/she will provide coverage at least once per quarter.

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