“Shared Accord” Multilateral Exercises Boost Peacekeeping Preparedness

Gako, RWANDA – Nearly 200 participants from 15 nations and three international organizations

gathered for the U.S. Army Africa-led exercise Shared Accord 2018 at the Rwandan Military

Academy August 14-30, 2018.


“This exercise will help enhance participant understanding of the U.N. conduct of peace

operations,” Maj. Gen. Innocent Kabandana, Rwanda Defense Force exercise co-director said

to the more than 200 participants. “By the end of this exercise, participants are expected to have

the ability to plan and execute U.N. missions.”


Shared Accord is an annual, multilateral exercise intended to enhance U.S. and African forces’

capabilities to perform peacekeeping operations in support of United Nations and African Union

mandates, while shaping the security environment and deterring violent extremist organizations.


The exercise consists of academic classes and discussion-based practical events, a computer-

based exercise and a medical readiness training exercise that is centered on the United Nations

Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).


“U.N. peacekeeping remains one of the most effective tools available to the international

community to respond to the challenges of global peace and security,” said Brig. Gen. Lapthe

Chau Flora, deputy commanding general for U.S. Army Africa. “MINUSA remains focused on its

core peacekeeping tasks of protecting civilians as well as supporting the process in a mission

that is among the most dangerous.”


MINUSCA troop contributing nations will spend 21 days working together through relevant

scenarios to enhance staff capabilities to respond to United Nations and African Union

peacekeeping operations, exercise regional interoperability and build stronger partnerships.


The MINUSCA mission began April 10, 2014 to protect Central African Republic civilians under

Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter. Its mission is to support the transition process, facilitate

humanitarian assistance, the promotion and protection of human rights, support for justice and

the rule of law, disarmament, demobilization, reintegration, and repatriation processes.


Rwanda is a fitting host as one of the world’s largest contributors of peacekeepers and one of

the first to deploy peacekeepers to the Central African Republic in 2014. Currently, the RDF

maintains one infantry battalion and a level two hospital under MINUSCA. Rwandan troops are

specifically charged with providing security for high-ranking government officials and securing

key state installations.


Shared Accord 2018 provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships with partner

countries in Africa who share a similar vision of security and stability.


“The planning and preparation of this exercise that brings together participants from across the

world and other stakeholders is the pillar to achieving success in peacekeeping missions,” said

General Patrick Nyamvumba, chief of defense staff during the opening ceremony. “This

exercise will give us the opportunity to give our fullest to international peacekeeping operations.