Solicitation: Tax consultancy services for Locally Employed Staff

The Embassy of the United States invites qualified, independent tax firms to provide tax consultancy services for the Embassy’s Locally Employed staff. These services include calculating all local employee’s bi-weekly salaries for tax and social security contributions and declaring contributions on a monthly tax payment as required by Rwanda tax and statutory laws. The performer will be required to work in coordination with staff at the US Embassy Kigali, the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA), Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) and the Bureau of the Comptroller and Global Financial Services (CGFS-Bangkok) to conduct fortnightly tax calculations for employees and one fortnight in arrears.

The Embassy intends to conduct a virtual pre-quotation conference, and all prospective offerors who have received a solicitation package will be invited to attend. See Section 3 of the attached Request for Quotations (RFQ).

Your quotation must be submitted via email with the subject line “Quotation Enclosed” to on or before September 23, 2021. No quotations will be accepted after this time.

In order for a quotation to be considered, you must also complete and submit the following:

  1. SF-1449
  2. Section 1, Pricing
  3. Section 5, Representations and Certifications and ensure compliance with FAR

    52.229-11 is completed with IRS Form W-14 found at www.irs.goc/w14

  4. Additional information as required in Section 3

Direct any questions regarding this solicitation to Lysette Mananda at Sincerely,

Find details on the solicitation document.