Emergency Contact Information for U.S. Citizens

In Case of Emergency

If you are a U.S. citizen in Rwanda with an emergency (i.e. accident, arrest, victim of violence, death of U.S. citizen, etc) please call the U.S. Embassy in Kigali at: +250-252-596-400.

For Non-Emergency Issues Please see our General Contact Page.

What is an Emergency?

Genuine emergencies requiring the immediate assistance of the Embassy include the arrest, serious illness or injury, or death of a U.S. citizen.  Callers who do not have a genuine emergency will be asked to contact the Consular Section on the next working day.  There are also special circumstances that require someone to travel to the United States without forewarning, such as cases resulting from the sudden death or serious injury of a family member in the U.S., or other family emergencies.  Please note that there is a fee for after-hours consular services. Missed plane connections and other inconveniences that may result in extra expense to the traveler are not emergencies.

Except for urgent life and death situations, lost, stolen, or expired U.S. passports will not be replaced after hours.  Most U.S. citizens will be advised to appear at the Embassy on the next working day to apply for a passport.