U.S. Embassy Opens “Community Solutions Program” Exchange Application Period

Kigali –  September 20, 2019

The U.S. Embassy in Kigali is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for the 2020 Community Solutions Program exchange. Applications are now open and will close on October 30, 2019. Selected candidates will travel to the United States for an intensive professional development exchange program from August 2020 to December 2020. Applications must be submitted online at https://oas.irex.org/csp.

The Community Solutions Program (CSP) is a professional development program for the best and brightest global community leaders working on issues related to the environment, tolerance and conflict resolution, transparency and accountability, and women and gender. Community Solutions is a year-long program that includes a fully-funded four-month fellowship at a U.S. community-based organization, government office, or legislative body.

Through tailored, hands-on learning experiences at the Community Leadership Institute, fellows gain valuable experience in U.S.-based community work, increase skills and knowledge, strengthen their capacity for leadership and development in their home countries, bring years of experience to community development in the United States, and create action plans for community-based initiatives back home.

U.S.-based institutions that host CSP fellows are community-based, non-profit organizations or government offices that actively engage in community development projects. Host organizations provide mentorship and guidance to the Community Leaders throughout their four-month fellowship in the U.S.

Applicants should be between the ages of 25 and 38; be a Rwandan citizen living and working in Rwanda (individuals with refugee status working on behalf of their home community may be given special consideration); have at least two years of experience working on community development, either as a full-time or part-time employee or volunteer; and have a high level of proficiency in spoken and written English at the time of application.

For additional information on the Community Solutions Program, please visit https://www.irex.org/project/community-solutions or email csp@irex.org